Musclelinx Shaker+

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Carry your drinks around and mix your protein shakes in this 100% leak proof container with extra storage for your pills or powder.

Get a LUMP FREE drink every time with our plastic mesh that fixes to the inside of the lid and gives you a discrete shaking experience unlike wire ball shakers.

Also unlike other shakers our cap completely removes from the lid eliminating any splash or flick back from the cap itself or annoying facial contact.

Another annoying trait of most shakers on the market is their tall, thin design that restrict access when hand washing. With the Musclelinx shaker you don't have this. Our shaker was specifically designed for practical use and therefore gives you the extra width you need to reach to the bottom of the cup and clean with no restriction.

This modern shaker has :


  • A fresh and modern design
  • 700 ml capacity (measurement up to 500 ml)
  • Graded scale in ml and oz
  • 150ml & 200ml of extra storage space
  • Removable pill organiser
  • 100% leak proof
  • High quality, non-toxic plastic
  • Cap completely removes from lid
  • Mesh snaps to lid and breaks down any lumps
  • Microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe
  • Wide cup for hand washing accessibility
  • Easy twist lid and cap
  • BPA, DEHP free


Customer Reviews

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Katie Coss
Perfect for on the go!

Absolutely love my storage Protein shaker.
Being an on the go mum of 3 having my protein and vitamins in the pot makes like so much easier when going to the gym in the morning!
Couldn’t be without it 👌🏻

It's Fantastic to hear that one of products is out there helping someone and making their life that little bit easier.

Exactly what it was designed for!

Thank you so much for your review Katie we really appreciate it : )